Sponsoring Models
Now you can sponsor a Model in EYE4U
Your banner will be attached to the model information and gallery. Your sponsoring helps to the model's carreer as you can obtain also the model to sponsor your products / services. All applications are subject to EYE4U and the model aproval and either EYE4U or the model may refuse your application. Amounts are subject to discussion and may vary. If you request a photo production this is not included into the sponsoring and there is no obligation back from the model for sponsoring while banner and link to your website in EYE4U listings will remain posted as long as you sponsor the model. Is not possible to double sponsor a model, so if the place is taken upon a contract you should either wait until it's expiration or search for another model to sponsor. All models available to sponsor accomplish with legal requirements and contracts between the model and EYE4U. If you need more infomation please contact us . We accept sponsoring from all over the world.

We are looking for bookers in Buenos Aires, Milano, Paris and New York.

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